I. General policies and regulations

1. General principles

Website wisami.com is a website operated by Nhan Linh Ltd Company. When using the services on the website wisami.com, User wisami.com (hereinafter referred to as the Service User or Customer) assumes the right to read, understand, agree and undertake to comply with the Terms of Use of the Website is voluntary. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact the customer care team of the website wisami.com.

Website wisami.com reserves the right to alter, modify, add or remove any portion of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes take effect immediately upon posting on the site without prior notice. Please check these conditions to update the changes. And when you continue to use the site after the Terms and Conditions change is posted, it means that you accept the changes.

As a member of the website wisami.com you have the right to access, view and use any information on the website wisami.com to serve the purpose and legitimate needs of users free and do not need to inform us.

Users of the service on the website wisami.com must comply with the rules set by website wisami.com. We have full right to suspend or cancel the user's account from the system with any users on the website wisami.com violating regulations proposed by wisami.com website.

We will be required to disclose the information if it is necessary to protect the property as well as the safety of the website wisami.com or others and prevent illegal activities, violations of regulations which affect significant to other users or when law enforcement requests information.

The user is responsible for the authenticity and any legal disputes that occur regarding his or her postings.

2. The rights and responsibilities of wisami.com and its users
2.1. The rights and responsibilities of wisami.com
  • Providing the right service is selected by the customer, is responsible for consulting the full range of services requested by the customer.
  • Secure the information and documents transferred by customers during the implementation of the work as well as during the service contract
  • Guide customers to use the services on the website.
  • Warranty for web services for customers and other services if customer care policy
2.2. Rights and responsibilities of service users
  • Provide all necessary information to wisami.com can do the job well.
  • Be responsible for the accuracy and transparency of the information provided to the service provider.
  • To carry out all tasks agreed by the two parties, in the spirit of cooperation and self-responsibility.
  • Pay full Wisami under the agreement between the two parties in the service contract.
  • If you want to change or add services, you must inform wisami.com and pay additional costs (if any).

II. Payment Process

Step 1: Customers find out about the service package of wisami.com;

Step 2: Customers confirm order (through phone, message, email);

Step 3: Wisami.com confirms customer information;

Step 4: Customers pay online via credit card, bank transfer or direct cash payment at the Company headquarters;
For bank transfer payment, you can pay for wisami through the following accounts:
Bank: Vietcombank - Hanoi
Branch Account name: Nhan Linh Ltd
Company Account number: 0021000349322

Step 5: Successful transaction. Customers start using the service.

III. Return Policy and Refund Policy

Wisami is committed to refunding 100% service package for you within the period of use if you can not receive service package due to an error of wisami.com.

In some cases, customers can not change or cancel the contract with wisami.com. Please contact the Company for specific advice in any of the ways below:

  • Website: www.wisami.com
  • Email: team@wisami.com
  • Phone: 0934 663 113

IV. Warranty/maintenance process

For the use of service packages through the website, the company will advance the maintenance of the system regularly so that the implementation process of the customer is stable.

In the event of a technical malfunction, the website wisami.com will immediately apply measures to quickly resolve, correct errors to ensure maximum benefits for customers.

V. Policy on the dispute settlement process

Website wisami.com is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at the website wisami.com.

Any disputes arising during the transaction on the website wisami.com will be resolved by the negotiating. In the case of non-settlement, one of the two parties shall have the right to submit to the competent agency for settlement according to the provisions of law;

Website wisami.com publicly discloses the mechanism and dispute resolution process for the parties involved: Dispute settlement under the unified exchange agreement mechanism, the parties will follow the indirect telephone exchange process and confirm through the email, If the agreement is still not reached, it will be solved through a direct meeting to concretize the issue, thoroughly solve the conflict between the parties to the most beneficial.

Customer submits the complaint at the address:
Address: House 22A, Alley 97/16 Khuong Trung Street, Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Email: team@wisami.com
Hotline: 0934 663 113

Steps to resolve disputes and complaints:

When the dispute arises, Nhan Linh Ltd Company always emphasizes the negotiation and mediation between the parties in order to maintain the trust of the service users in the quality of services of the Company and follow these steps:

Step 1: Customer Care will receive complaints from Members at email team@wisami.com or Hotline: 0934 663 113 or directly at House 22A, Alley 97/16 Khuong Trung Street, Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

This department solves quickly and immediately respond results on the policies announced by the Company.

Step 2 In case of complexity or not specified in the policies announced by the Company, Customer Care will commit to a service response period of no more than 3 working days.

Step 3: Transfer the complaint settlement results to relevant sections for implementation and make a call to the customer about the result of the complaint has been resolved in no more than 3 working days after.

VI. Information privacy policy

1. Purpose and scope of data collection

The main data collection on the website wisami.com includes: email, phone, login, login password, customer address. This is the information that wisami.com users need to provide when signing up for the service and wisami.com contact confirmation when customers register to use the service on the website to ensure the right benefit for consumers.

WISAMI get user's location information only when user open the app or website to check-in or check-out. WISAMI guarantees that it never tracks for user's location in background of device operating system.

The user of the service will be solely responsible for the security and retention of any service use under his or her registered name, password and email box. In addition, the user of the service is responsible for timely informing wisami.com of abusive, confidential, unreported or unauthorized use of the third party's password to have appropriate remedies.

2. The scope of information use

wisami.com uses the information the user provides to:

  • Providing services to the users;
  • Sending notices of information exchange activities between users of wisami.com
  • Preventing activities that destroy user accounts of service users or activities forged by service users;
  • Communicate and deal with service users in special cases.
  • Not using the personal information of the service user except to confirm and contact related transactions at wisami.com.
  • Where required by law: wisami.com is responsible for providing the user information when required by a judicial authority including: The Procuracy, the Court, the Public Security Agency investigated related to the law violation of the customer. Besides that, no one has the right to infringe on the personal information of the Service User.
3. Information storage time

Personal data of the service user will be stored until there is a request to cancel or service users log in and make cancellation by themselves. Beside that, in any case, personal information of Service users will be secured on the server of wisami.com.

4. Address of the collection and handle client client information


Address: House 22A, Alley 97/16 Khuong Trung Street, Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Email: team@wisami.com

Phone: 0934 663 113

5. The means and tools for Users to edit their personal data.

Users have the right to check, update, adjustment or discard personal information by logging into account and edit profile or ask wisami.com to do this.

Users of the service have the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of personal information to third parties to the management of wisami.com. When receiving these feedbacks, wisami.com will confirm the information. The case as reflected by the member, depending on the level, wisami.com will take timely measures.

6. Commit to confidentiality of customer information

The user's personal information on Wisami.com is committed to absolute privacy under the privacy policy of Wisami.com. The collection and use of information by each service user shall be made only with the consent of such customer, except where otherwise provided for by law.

Not to use, transfer, supply or disclose to any third party the personal information of the Service User without the consent of the user.

In case the host information is hacked by hackers resulting in loss of personal data the service user, Wisami.com will be responsible for reporting the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and informing the Service User.

Absolutely confidential information of all online transactions of the service users including Digital voucher account information at Wisami’s data center with security level 1.

The management of Wisami.com requires individuals to register as Buyers, who must provide personally identifiable information such as: Full name, contact address, email, people's identity card number, telephone number, account number, payment card number, and is responsible for the legality of such information. The management of Wisami.com is not responsible for or solving any complaints related to the interests of such users if it considers that all the personal information provided by the service user when the initial registration is inaccurate.